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Interactive Websites

The Democracy Principle

This website highlights constitutional provisions across the nation that contribute to the democracy principle. You can explore the site in two ways: by state or by category. Exploring by category—popular sovereignty, suffrage, government institutions, political equality, direct democracy, and constitutional change—also displays featured cases.

50 Constitutions

This website allows you to explore the Wisconsin Constitution in two ways: by provision, allowing you to view the current text and history of every article and section of the constitution’s text; and by year, allowing you to view amendments and their context by year of adoption.

Direct Democracy in the States

This website presents research findings from the SDRI Report, Direct Democracy in the States: A 50-State Survey of the Journey to the Ballot. Download the Executive Summary to read our survey highlights, or view state-by-state information on types of direct democracy available, the timing of elections, ballot contents and other information provided to voters, and the role of state courts.