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Our Faculty and Staff

Miriam Seifter Headshot

Miriam Seifter

Professor of Law,
Rowe Faculty Fellow in Regulatory Law,
SDRI Faculty

Email: miriam.seifter@wisc.edu

Twitter: @MiriamSeifter

Professor Seifter’s publications

Find Miriam’s full biography here.

Rob Yablon Headshot

Robert Yablon

Associate Professor of Law,
SDRI Faculty Co-Director

Email: robert.yablon@wisc.edu

Twitter: @RobYablon

Professor Yablon’s publications

Find Robert’s full biography here.

Bree Grossi Wilde Headshot

Bree Grossi Wilde

Executive Director

Email: bgwilde@wisc.edu

Twitter: @wilde_bree

Find Bree’s full biography here.

Allie Boldt Headshot

Allie Boldt

Legal Research Director

Email: awboldt@wisc.edu

Twitter: @allieboldt

Find Allie’s full biography here.

Derek Clinger Headshot

Derek Clinger

Senior Staff Attorney

Email: dclinger@wisc.edu

Twitter: @DerekClinger

Find Derek’s full biography here.

Emily Lau Headshot

Emily Lau

Staff Attorney

Email: emily.lau@wisc.edu

Twitter: @ewlau

Find Emily’s full biography here.

Adam Sopko Headshot

Adam Sopko

Staff Attorney

Email: adam.sopko@wisc.edu

Twitter: @AdamSopko

Find Adam’s full biography here.

Kari Fischer Headshot

Kari Fischer

Program Coordinator

Email: kfischer24@wisc.edu

Find Kari’s full biography here.