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The State Democracy Research Initiative’s mission is to foster academic research on state-level democracy, government institutions, and public law across the nation. The Initiative aims to shine a spotlight on the states, which traditionally receive less attention than the federal government in legal scholarship and education, and to serve as a resource for academics, policymakers, and advocates across the country.

Faculty & Staff

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Miriam Seifter

Miriam Seifter is an Associate Professor of Law and Rowe Faculty Fellow in Regulatory Law at the University of Wisconsin Law School. Her recent work examines state constitutional and administrative law, with a focus on challenges facing democracy at the state level. She teaches state and local government law, administrative law, and property law and is a co-founder of the State and Local Government Law Blog. For more, see Miriam’s full bio and her publications, or follow Miriam on Twitter: @MiriamSeifter.


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Robert Yablon

Robert Yablon is an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Wisconsin Law School. His recent work explores questions in political and election law, with attention to redistricting and campaign finance. He teaches civil procedure, federal jurisdiction, and the law of democracy and is an affiliate of the Elections Research Center. For more, see Robert’s full bio and his publications, or follow Robert on Twitter: @RobYablon.


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Allie Boldt

Allie Boldt is the Legal Research Director for the State Democracy Research Initiative. Before joining University of Wisconsin Law School, Allie worked for the state of Wisconsin. She previously served as a Legal Fellow and Counsel for the nonprofit organization Demos, where she focused on democracy law. For more, see Allie’s full bio.


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