Delaware Supreme Court – Higgin v. Albence Amicus Brief Filed

Briefs | Delaware Supreme Court
“The State Democracy Research Initiative’s Miriam Seifter and Robert Yablon, along with seven other national recognized legal scholars in expertise on state constitutional law, have submitted an amicus brief in the case Higgin v. Albence before the Delaware Supreme Court.”

Miriam Seifter and Other Legal Scholars File Amicus Curiae Brief in Wisconsin Case Involving State Non-Delegation Doctrine

Featured | Wisconsin Supreme Court
Seven administrative law and state and local government law professors filed a brief in the Jeffrey Becker v. Dane County case before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The Court had ordered supplemental briefing on whether to reconsider and modify the state non-delegation doctrine. The brief emphasized that local governments are not subject to the same delegation limits that apply at the state or national level. Signers included Richard Briffault, Nestor Davidson, Rick Hills, Maria Ponomarenko, Erin Scharff, Richard Schragger, and Miriam Seifter.

Rob Yablon and Other Legal Scholars File Amicus Curiae Brief in Wisconsin Redistricting Case

Featured | Wisconsin Supreme Court
Rob Yablon and seven other legal scholars submitted an amicus curiae brief in the Wisconsin redistricting case of Johnson v. Wisconsin Elections Commission, calling for the court to reject all party-submitted maps and produce their own more neutral plans with the help of a nonpartisan expert, or to let a federal court act.