Election Matters 2022: Redistricting and the Voting Rights Act

Illustration of clippings of houses on paper being snipped apart with scissors by various hands from different directions.

In Wisconsin and around the country, the post-2020 redistricting cycle has been contentious. Disputes about the Voting Rights Act and about partisan gerrymandering have loomed especially large. On June 30th, 2022, the Elections Research Center at UW-Madison and the State Democracy Research Initiative hosted another virtual installment of Election Matters 2022, sponsored by Stafford Rosenbaum LLP. This webinar explored hot topics in redistricting law, with emphasis on the Voting Rights Act, and consider the proper role of courts and other federal and state institutions in the redistricting process. A video recording of this panel is available below.

Featuring Expert Panelists

Panelists included Michael Li (Brennan Center for Justice), Aseem Mulji (Campaign Legal Center), Erin Murphy (Clement & Murphy), and Professor Franita Tolson (USC Gould School of Law).