Understanding Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Election

On February 20th, 2023 the Elections Research Center and the State Democracy Research initiative hosted the panel discussion “Understanding Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Election” at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School. The discussion revolved around the February primary and April general elections for the open Wisconsin Supreme Court seat and the have high stakes they have, potentially affecting the Court’s decisions on a wide range of important issues. Specifically, panelists address why Wisconsin judges and justices are elected and the advantages and disadvantages associated with this election system.

February 17th Panelists

Panelists included  Professor Miriam Seifter (UW Law School, SDRI faculty co-director), Professor Barry Burden (UW Political Science, Elections Research Center director) and Professor Jane Schacter (Stanford Law School).


February 17th moderator graphic

The panel was moderated by Professor Robert Yablon (UW Law School, SDRI faculty co-director).