Election Matters 2022: Direct Democracy

On October 11th, 2022 the Elections Research Center and the State Democracy Research initiative hosted their fourth and last installment of the Election Matters 2022 series on direct democracy. We’re thankful to Stafford Rosenbaum, LLC and their continued sponsorship of these events. This installment explored the advantages and challenges that accompany direct democracy, with attention to recent developments and cases. Across the country, the role of direct democracy generates debate. Ballot initiatives and various forms of constitutional amendment are a potent tool for voters, allowing them to sidestep elected officials and participate in policymaking. But direct democracy also receives a range of criticisms that call into question whether it lives up to its promise.

  Featured Expert Panelists

Vikram Amar

Dean at the Illinois College of Law

Vikram Amar Headshot


Bruce Cain 

Professor of Political Science at Stanford University

Bruce Cain Headshot


Chris Melody Fields Figueredo 

The Ballot Initiative Strategy Center

Chris Melody Fields Figueredo Headshot
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